Client Testimonials

I met Joanne in 2008 after years of racing and training through injury after injury. Until then, I had tried ART Therapy, traditional sports massage, and ultrasound therapy. The problems is that those methods only make you feel better over the short-term. Working with Joanne over the past 9 years has been an amazing experience. Her knowledge of the human body, coupled with her knowledge of body movement and athletic movement, makes her the ideal therapist to help you find the root cause of your problems, fix them, and keep you healthy! With the volume of training that I do, I would never had been able to sustain that kind of intensity and volume, while remaining injury free with Joanne. I truly believe that she has been my personal miracle worker. For example, Joanne worked on me a day after one of my Iron distance races and I was able to begin my recovery running within 48 hours of the race. If you are having problems and need help, I would encourage you to give Joanne an opportunity to change your life and your body. I assure you that after a few sessions with her, you will a new person and injury free!

Eric Nguyen

I have had the pleasure of seeing Joanne for a myriad of issues over the years. I am a triathlete, golfer and ice hockey player who apparently does not know when to quit. I have had the usual aches and pains over the years, but I thought my life was over when I blew a lumbar disc and had surgery. From that point on, each time I thought that I blew my back up again, Joanne was there to talk me off the ledge. She would examine my posture and alignment, among other things, and work her "magic" to alleviate the issue. She would also provide me with suggested exercises and movements in an effort to strengthen or stretch certain areas.
I have been to a number of massage therapists over many years, and Joanne is by far and away the most knowledgeable one. She knows the body and all of its inner workings. She can pinpoint issues, sometimes even before they become readily apparent, and perform preventative as well as rehabilitative massage.
I sorely miss her since she moved from Michigan. You will not regret making an appointment with her. She is fantastic!

Jackie Garris

Candidly I thought I'd give it a try, but I put it in category of wishful hoping. After 3 visits Joanne cured what had been 3 decades of pain & excuses. She fixed me for the Boston Marathon and for my first Ironman. Now? I'm back. I'm 85 marathons in 40 states and 4 continents, and 18 full distance Ironmans. I can say with certainty, Joanne changed my life. Thanks Joanne. I only wished you were still in Ann Arbor and I could see you regularly. But the education you provided while curing my imbalances has been invaluable. Joanne performs magic!

Alan Priest

I would not be able to continue running without Joanne! Before seeing Joanne regularly three years ago, I was consistently in and out of physical therapy due to issues of muscular imbalance.  Thanks to Joanne, I have not been back since!  Through regular therapeutic massages, I am able to maintain my body through marathons and triathlons.  I highly recommend her for anyone - but especially athletes that want to prevent injuries through rigorous training schedules.

Alexa Dorsey

I have been very fortunate to be under the care of Joanne for many years in her private practice, roughly 9 years. I looked to one of the runners at a local shop for some help with running niggles. He recommended that I follow up with Joanne immediately. Best advice ever, very grateful for Eric’s outstanding recommendation and even more indebted to have a professional like Joanne looking to keep this body functioning. As a typical runner, I abuse my body with a lot of running miles (trails and road, speed and recovery). She is always working her magic to get this body ready to keep on training and racing. Last year I damaged my ankle (deltoid ligament tear and posterior tibialis tendinitis)and went through PT. But honestly it was Joanne's healing hands breaking up the adhesions and increasing my ankle's range of motion so I could race in one of my bucket list runs (JFK 50 miler). She is always quick to assess problems that are brewing due to bad form, wrong shoes, etc. and provides great insight on what I need to focus on to avoid future injuries I respect Joanne's knowledge and understanding of how different sports impact the body in different ways. She has given me “homework” on how I can strengthen weaknesses to avoid future injuries and I appreciate this preventative “medicine” approach. She approaches you holistically and I can tell you that I have never had anyone take that approach; they only focus on the current issue/injury. If you’ve got some aches and pains due to sports, post-surgery or even a slip and fall, I highly recommend Joanne and the Orthopedic Massage and Wellness in Hudson OH. I know you will leave standing taller and feeling stronger.

Pam Walker